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Honest Review of the Funded Engineer Prop Firm – Pros & Cons

Are you a trader looking for a reliable firm to back your financial endeavors? The Funded Engineer Prop Firm has sparked considerable interest, yet with mixed reviews. So, what’s the real deal with this mysterious firm? This insightful review will explore the firm’s strengths and weaknesses. This will guide you in making a well-informed choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Funded Engineer Prop Firm has faced allegations of fraudulent operations and wash trading1
  • The firm is an unregulated entity, posing significant risks for traders1
  • Trustpilot reviews show a mixed reputation, with both positive and negative experiences1
  • Traders have reported issues with delayed payments and poor customer support1
  • Thorough due diligence is essential when considering any prop firm, especially unregulated ones

What is Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

Funded Engineer Prop Firm helps skilled traders succeed in the financial markets. It acts as a community where traders and finance lovers work towards common goals.


Community of Traders and Financial Enthusiasts

This firm has simple profit targets for safe trading. It welcomes experienced traders and new traders. Anyone can join their funded trader evaluations and manage up to $2,000,000 in fake funds.2

User-friendly Profit Targets for Secure Trading

The firm tailors funding options to each trader’s needs. It focuses on flexibility and keeping risks low with drawdown blocker tools. This helps traders feel sure and safe while trading.2

By creating a supportive and collaborative space, Funded Engineer Prop Firm drives traders towards success. It equips them with the tools needed to reach their financial dreams in the competitive field of proprietary trading.2

Funded Engineer Prop Firm Review: Trustpilot Ratings

The Funded Engineer Prop Firm seems to leave a range of feelings with traders. They have scored an impressive 79% in 5-star ratings. This shows many are happy with what the firm offers.3 Yet, 15% of the reviews give the firm only 1 star. This means a fair number of traders are not satisfied with their experiences.3 Some traders love the quick payouts and reliability. Others, however, are upset over late payments and poor support.

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79% 5-Star Ratings

On Trustpilot, the Funded Engineer Prop Firm shines with 79% 5-star ratings. This high number means most traders are pleased with their dealings.3

15% 1-Star Ratings

Conversely, 15% of the Funded Engineer’s reviews rate it at 1 star. This reveals a group of traders who didn’t have a good time working with the firm.3 Their issues might be due to late payments or unsatisfactory customer service.

Allegations of Fraudulent Operations and Wash Trading

The prop trading world is reeling from allegations against Funded Engineer Prop Firm. These include fraud and the use of wash trading tactics. FPFX Tech, a tech supplier for prop trading, points fingers at Funded Engineer. They say Funded Engineer has been scamming both them and the public for a long time.14

FPFX Tech’s Accusations

FPFX Tech suggests that Funded Engineer used several deceitful methods. This includes making fake trading accounts and not following important financial rules. They even did wash trading to make it seem like they were paying out more than they really were.4 FPFX Tech says Funded Engineer made it look like they paid over $2 million more than they actually did.1

Lack of Transparency and Accountability

These accusations highlight a major problem with Funded Engineer: lack of transparency and accountability. Justin Hertzberg, CEO of FPFX Tech, is upset by the deception. He stresses the need for honesty in prop trading.4 FPFX Tech plans to report Funded Engineer to the authorities and tell other affected companies about what’s going on.4

Funded Engineer is based in the United Arab Emirates. They offer various account sizes and have set profit targets and drawdown limits. Despite this news, Funded Engineer has not responded to requests for comments from FinanceFeeds.4

Challenges and Risks Associated with Funded Engineer

unregulated prop firm risks

Funded Engineer Prop Firm operates without regulation. This leads to big challenges and risks for traders.5 Because there’s no overseer, the firm is not held accountable. This could mean traders might fall into scams or illegal activities.5 Working without a license or watchdog, the firm can run in the dark. They might disappear with investors’ funds with no legal trouble. This is a clear warning. Be very careful when working with Funds Engineer or similar unregulated prop firms.

Unregulated Entity

Funded Engineer Prop Firm worries traders because there’s no one actually looking over. As an unregulated outfit, it’s free from outside checks or scrutiny. Traders might face issues but have nowhere to turn for help.5 This situation makes it even riskier to be involved with them.

Potential for Scams and Illegal Operations

Funded Engineer Prop Firm, not being monitored, can do bad things without much fear.5 The firm has been accused of fraud, like making fake accounts and breaking important trading rules. These activities make investing with them very risky.5 Be on high alert when looking at Funded Engineer or similar unregulated firms.

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Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Despite some negative talk, the funded engineer prop firm has glowing reviews from traders. They mention quick payouts and solid service. Plus, they like the hard-working and honest team at the company.6 The traders feel the firm tries hard to solve problems fairly. This shows the company aims to be clear and trustworthy.

Fast Payouts and Reliable Service

Traders cheer the funded engineer prop firm’s fast payouts and steady service. Getting their money on time is key for many. It shows the company is a reliable prop firm for their trading needs.6

Engaged Workforce and Honesty

The firm’s workers are also praised for being active and truthful. Traders say they listen well and find Just solutions. It proves the company is focused on being clear and gaining their clients’ trust.6

But, it’s wise to be careful with these good reviews. The prop trading industry can sometimes try tricky ways to change online opinions.6


Funded Engineer Prop Firm has many positive reviews. But, it also faces a lot of complaints from unsatisfied traders.3 These complaints often mention problems like late payments and bad customer service.3 Traders struggle to get their money back and feel ignored by the company.3 Because of these issues, many people doubt the firm’s trustworthiness.

Delayed Payments and Poor Customer Support

Traders often talk about how they wait a long time for their money from the Funded Engineer Prop Firm. Some say they’ve waited for weeks or even months.3 This waiting can be very frustrating, especially when needing funds for trading.3 They’re also unhappy with the way the customer service handles things. They mention slow responses and unclear information about their withdrawal requests.3

Lack of Transparency Regarding Leadership

Many traders are worried about not knowing who leads the Funded Engineer Prop Firm.3 They feel the company’s structure isn’t clear. This makes it hard for them to know who’s really in charge and who makes decisions.3 Because of this lack of clarity, clients are more unsure and less trusting of the firm.3

Regulatory Concerns and Lack of Oversight

Regulatory concerns

Funded Engineer Prop Firm worries people due to the lack of rules and checks.8 Any authority does not watch over it. This means if traders have troubles, they have few options.

Absence of a Watchdog or Regulatory Authority

This firm can just vanish with investors’ money. It’s because any regulatory body doesn’t oversee it.8 Traders need to be careful when dealing with unregulated firms like Funded Engineer Prop Firm.

Risks of Dealing with Unregulated Entities

Dealing with an unregulated firm like a Funded Engineer Prop Firm can be very risky. There’s no safety net or rules to protect your money.8 It’s best to avoid such firms as a trader.

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Tips for Choosing a Reliable Prop Firm

Choosing the right prop firm is a big decision. Traders need to do their homework well.3 First, check that the firm is approved and has a license from a trusted source. It’s also smart to look at the company’s leaders and how they run things. Transparency here is key.

Conduct Thorough Due Diligence

It’s vital to look deep into a prop firm’s past, financial health, and history. This can help you spot any warning signs. Always make sure the firm follows the rules and check what others say in reviews. Know if they’ve had any legal issues too.

Prioritize Transparency and Ethical Practices

Choosing a prop firm with clear values is important. Look for those who are upfront about everything. This includes who leads them, how they operate, and how they manage risks. Avoid firms that seem shady, like if they don’t play by the rules. This could mean they’re not trustworthy.

If you really dig into a prop firm’s trustworthiness, you’ll make better choices.3 This helps avoid the dangers of unregulated firms. It also could lead to a better trading adventure for you, where things are done right.


The Funded Engineer Prop Firm is a company in the spotlight. It shines with 79% of reviews at 5-stars3. But dark clouds gather due to fraud claims and a lack of open dealings. This lack of control leaves traders at risk of trickery and illegal acts. Trustpilot shows that 15% of ratings are just 1-star, pointing to love it or hate it bias3.

Caution is key for anyone thinking about joining a Funded Engineer Prop Firm or similar companies. Making a choice should mean knowing the dangers and insisting on open and ethical actions for financial wins. The company is seen as trustworthy, has hardworking people, and is dependable3. However some are very unhappy with how their accounts were closed, slow payments, and the lack of openness3.

The prop trading world is full of competition, with firms like Echelonis Elitus and FTMO getting noticed3. When picking a business to trade with, it’s essential to consider the Funded Engineer Prop Firm’s good and bad sides. Focus on checking if they are open, ethical, and under proper watch. This is the best path to a trustworthy prop firm for your trading adventure.


What is a Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

Funded Engineer Prop Firm is a trading company that helps traders. It gives them money and resources to do well in the market. This company is like a team of traders and finance fans working together.

What are the key features of a Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

This firm has clear profit goals for safe trading. It’s good for both experienced and new traders. You can choose a one or two-step challenge and try managing up to,000,000 in virtual funds.

What is the Trustpilot rating for a Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

Trustpilot shows mixed reviews for Funded Engineer. The good news is, 79% gave it five stars, showing many are happy. But, 15% rated it one star, meaning some were not satisfied.

What are the allegations against the Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

There are claims of fraud and cheat schemes against this firm. They were accused by a technology provider, FPFX Tech, of tricking them and the public.

What are the challenges and risks associated with Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

Funded Engineer faces risks since it is not regulated. This means they don’t have to follow strict rules. Traders might fall into scams or deal with illegal activity.

Are there any positive reviews and testimonials for the Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

Yes, some traders do praise Funded Engineer. They mention quick payments, helpful staff, and honesty. These positives stand out despite the critics.

What are the negative reviews and complaints about Funded Engineer Prop Firm?

Many complaints include late payments and bad support. Traders also wanted more info about the company’s leadership. These are valid concerns from unhappy clients.

What are the key considerations when choosing a reliable prop firm?

Traders should look carefully before picking a firm. They must check if it’s regulated and its background. Transparency and ethical standards matter a lot for safety and trust.

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