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BrueggersSurvey – Tell Bruegger’s Guest Satisfaction Survey at3 poundCheck Price
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  • Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 is AMD’s first ever water cooled reference graphics card that was constructed so mainly to counteract the intense amount of heat being produced by the dual processors.
  • It also Constitutes an impressive number of 12.4 billion transistors, 5632 Stream coprocessors as each processor has 2816 of them and 11.5 TFLOPS of computing power that turns out to be a great graphics card! All this speed will result in the best gaming experience you could have ever experienced.
  • It has an 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM that is run over 512 Bit memory buses, but by default, only 4GB of it is usable as the GPUs mirror each other to keep working as two processors. However, 4GB is still a hell of a speed, and you can work quite well with it.
  • Another outstanding feature is the Asetek AIO cooling system. The Radeon R9 295X2 makes use of two water pump heads to cool down each GPU by pumping water into a 1.5X thickness 120mm radiator. With such a significant amount of power as 500W, this cooling solution is essential to avoid overheating.
  • It also supports the DirectX 11.2 OSD to provide you with compatibility to play modern games and to enjoy high-quality liquid flow graphics.
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Pros and Cons of Product:
  • The price range is about $ 70.
  • Incredibly Low 30W TDP
  • Excellent performance in both, 11 based games as well as eSports DirectX9
  • Low Profile Form Factor / Single slot
  • Trails AMDs Radeon RX 550 in Vulkan based games / DX12
  • It sucks when you try any kind of new games. It starts stuttering or even freezes completely in such kind of situation.